Previous Scholarship Winners

Each year, the Agricultural Communications Committee Scholarship gives high school students the opportunity to express their views on issues affecting their lives and futures in Camrose County.  It is open to High School Students that attend school and reside within Camrose County and includes a $1000.00 scholarship.

2017 Scholarship Winner - Jillian Heck

View Ms. Heck's Essay

2016 Scholarship Winner - Kaylyn Walger

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2015 Scholarship Winner - Sarah Irving

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2014 Scholarship Winner - Leah Marshall

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2013 Scholarship Winner - Melissa Boden

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2012 Scholarship Winner - Candace Fankhanel

Topic: What will a Future Farm in Camrose County look like in 30 years.


2011 Scholarship Winner - Kalista Sherbaniuk       

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Support Local Growers by Kalista Sherbaniuk

2010 Scholarship Winner - Jordan Trautman

Read Jordan's winning essay

Grand Trunk Pacific - The Duhamel Trestle