Burning Permits

Fire Permits can be obtained from Community Peace Officers, Manager of Agricultural Services, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman, Manager of Public Works, Fire Chiefs of the Fire Departments within the County, Regional Fire Coordinator, County Administrator and Council. 

Fire Season - Now on!  To apply for a Fire Permit - CLICK HERE (Fire Permits do not allow for burning stubble - you must call Mark Millang at the ASB Office to request a special permit)

Camrose County is in a permit area as required by the Forest and Prairie Protection Act.  Fire Permit Season is in effect from April 1 to October 31 every year. Low Hazard Fireworks require permits at all times.

No person shall light an outdoor fire during the season on land in a permit area unless that person is the holder of a fire permit. This does not apply to an attended outdoor camp fire which has been lit for cooking or warming purposes, or household garbage burning under control criteria.

Uncontrolled household garbage burning is a concern because many residents are not taking sufficient precautions to ensure that the fire can be kept contained at all times. Each year fire fighters must be called out to extinguish fires which have spread from a household garbage burning barrel. These fire calls and associated costs can easily be avoided if precautions are taken. Fires should not be started when weather conditions are conductive to a fire getting out of control.

Household garbage burning meeting the three control criteria as outlined below will not require a burning permit:

  • Household garbage burning sites should be located a safe distance (100 ft.) away from all buildings, machinery, equipment
  • Household garbage burning containers should be covered with a metal screen to prevent sparks from causing fires
  • Household garbage burning sites should cover an area of at least 50 square feet and this area preferably should be covered with gravel or concrete, and there shall be no combustibles within that 50 square foot area.


Camrose County adopted a new Fire Bylaw in May, 2012. Low Hazard Fireworks are now allowed in Camrose County.

Low Hazard Fireworks are defined as fireworks generally used for recreation, as defined in Class 7.2.1 of The Explosives Act (Canada) as Low Hazard Fireworks for Recreation. 

Low Hazard Fireworks

  • All persons purchasing, possessing, handling, distributing, offering for sale, storing, selling, discharging, firing or setting off low hazard fireworks shall conform to all requirements of the Alberta Fire Code.
  • A person wishing to discharge low hazard fireworks in Camrose County must first obtain a low hazard fireworks permit, issued by a Camrose County Fire Chief.
    • In order to issue a low hazard fireworks permit, the Fire Chief must receive from the applicant written consent, including electronic mail, for discharge from the landowner of the property on which the low hazard fireworks will be discharged, and any neighbouring affected landowners.
  • The Fire Chief may attach any terms and conditions in the permit that he or she deems appropriate for the specific event and location.
  • The Fire Chief may choose to revoke any previously issued low hazard fireworks permit for reasons of non-compliance with:
    • The Alberta Fire Code,
    • The Explosives Act,
    • The permit, including any terms and conditions,
    • Changes in environmental conditions, and/or
    • For any reasons of safety to life, limb or property.

From November 1 to March 31, you do not require a permit to conduct open burns, but please let your Fire Department know you will be burning.  Who is my Fire District Contact?  Low hazard fireworks require a permits at all times.